Lukas A. Basedow

PhD Student

Curriculum vitae


Dept. of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

TU Dresden


German Drug Policy
I support and work with the organization MyBrainMyChoice ( to establish a science-based and compassionate German drug policy.

Harm Reduction Services
I volunteer for the Safer Nightlife team of the Diakonie Dresden. We provide harm reduction services and support with difficult states of altered consciousness for people at parties, festivals and dance clubs. Find us on Instagram:

Psychedelic Activism
I work as a volunteer staff member for the department of Research and Knowledge Exchange at MIND - The European Foundation for Psychedelic Science.  The MIND Foundation is a European non-profit organization for researchers, professionals, and their supporters. We promote psychedelic science to build a healthier, more connected world through evidence-based, safe, and legal applications of the psychedelic experience.

Death Penalty
I am strongly opposed to the death penalty, as I believe it is an inhumane, inefficient, and unethical punishment which has no place in modern society.  As part of my opposition I volunteer as a pen pal for death row inmates in the USA (

Sport: I am a front-row forward in the local Rugby Union team, volunteer as the youth advocate for the team, and have competed in several Powerlifting and Strongman competitions.
Movies: I watch, rate and review movies nearly every week. My current favorites: Incendies, Inherent Vice, Mad Max - Fury Road, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Currently reading:  Albert Camus - The Myth of Sisyphus
Meditation: I'm interested in and (sparingly) engage with buddhist meditation -