Lukas A. Basedow

PhD Student

Curriculum vitae


Dept. of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

TU Dresden


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Diagnostic Accuracy of the Drug Use Disorder Identification Test and Its Short Form, the DUDIT-C, in German Adolescent Psychiatric Patients

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Frontiers in Psychology, 2021, p. 2108

Verbal learning impairment in adolescents with methamphetamine use disorder: a cross-sectional study

Lukas Andreas Basedow, Sören Kuitunen-Paul, Melina Felicitas Wiedmann, Stefan Ehrlich, Veit Roessner, Yulia Golub

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Prenatally traumatized mice reveal hippocampal methylation and expression changes of the stress-related genes Crhr1 and Fkbp5

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